Warning to Diablo III Crusaders: Shattering Throw is Bugged. You Will Die.


Blizzard Entertainment released an urgent note today warning all players of the game’s new Crusader class of a game-breaking and rather infuriating little bug.

Apparently, if any Crusader uses a combination of his or her Blessed Shield ability combined with Shattering Throw, the character will die. Immediately. For no reason.

This includes all hardcore characters as well.

You read that right. A game where an entire mode is built around the idea of permanent character death now has a bug that can instantly kill you with no warning. Ouch.

Blizzard is obviously working overtime on getting this particularly nasty bug fixed, but for now, it might be best to keep your holy smiter of evil on the sidelines.

Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls expansion was released last month to great reviews and has already sold more than 2.7 million copies.

Jason Gallagher

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