EVE Online Launches New Player Guide to Help Those Lost in Space

EVE Online launches new player guide

I remember my first few hours in EVE Online. I downloaded the free trial, fired up the game, logged in… and then spent the next two hours completely, utterly confused. EVE Online is still one of the most unique MMOs in the industry today, long after its release. The diabolical plots hatched by its veteran players can make for some great entertainment. But for a new player like I was at the time, the game can be frustrating and hard to get into.

Today, it seems like someone at CCP finally felt my pain. The developer just released a comprehensive guide for new players.  The guide explains basic concepts like what to do with your ship and how player death is handled, but more importantly it provides an overview to the wealth of content that is available in the game. Follow the guide, and you’ll have a sense of direction to your play, no longer lost in space.

If you want to give EVE Online and the new guide a chance, go check out the 14 day free trial.

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