Blizzard Asks for Feedback on Starcraft II Balance Changes, Protoss Nerf


Blizzard has issued a ‘call for action’ to the Starcraft II community, asking for feedback on the next round of proposed balance changes.

Blizzard constantly tinkers with SC II, striving for elusive, arguably unattainable, perfection in what is widely considered one of the finest balanced RTS games. Even minor tweaks can have far-reaching effects on the metagame and drastically alter the fortunes of the top players.

Blizzard’s balance expert David Kim stated that the proposed changes are mostly targeted towards limiting Protoss strength in the early game and encouraging TvP Mech. There have been some adjustments to help ZvP as well. If these go through as planned, Protoss could take a fairly substantial hit.

The full list of proposed alterations is listed below.


Mothership Core:

-Photon Overcharge duration decreased from 60 to 50 seconds.
-Time Warp energy cost increased from 75 to 100.


-Resonance Coil ground weapon damage increased from 30 to 30 + 30 vs. Structures.


-Starting energy increased from 50 to 75.

-The Moebius Reactor upgrade has been removed from the Ghost Academy.


-Cost decreased from 100/50 to 100/25.

The ‘call to action’ invites players of all levels to try the proposed changes on a custom map entitled Frost LE (2.1.0 Balance, v1.0).  If you want to test the changes on other maps than Frost LE, it’s possible to create a custom game with the map of your choice using Blizzard’s new ‘Balance Test Mod.’

While Terran and Zerg players may welcome these adjustments, they have, as usual, sparked furious debate.  Some community members insist that the reduction in Hydra cost will ‘break the game’. Others maintain that these changes will have little to no effect on the current meta.  Teamliquid, with a special nod to Nathanias, has written up some professional players responses to the proposed patch here

Personally, I’m excited to see the photon overcharge timing reduced. This should open the door for early aggression in TvP. But how do you feel about the proposed patch? Excited? Filled with dread? Undecided? Go find out on the test map!

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