Next Stop, Nexus: A Primer on Upcoming MMO Wildstar’s World and Races



Wildstar, a crazy, fun MMO from Carbine Studios and NCSoft will be bursting onto the scene this June (June 3rd to be exact.)  Pre-orders are currently in process and Open Beta weekends have kicked off, so if this is a title that interests you don’t delay in getting in on the ground floor!

Needless to say, I am excited about this game; probably the most excited I’ve been since I was waiting for Skyrim to drop.  What has drawn me to it has been how well it’s put together and presented to the public.  Visually, the stylization reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek graphic novel featuring breathtaking art, witty emoticons and a pleasing color palette.  Lore-wise, it is incredibly friendly to a new player who’s interested in learning about the world they are entering.  Spend twenty minutes on the Wildstar website and you’ll have all you need to know about the basics of what the game and the universe it takes place in are all about.  But if you want a quick breakdown, I’ve got you covered after the jump.

Setting: The Planet Nexus


A newly discovered planet, Nexus will play host to a galactic battle for supremacy between the Dominion and the Exiles.  Your character will be aligned with one of these two factions as you explore, conquer and carve out territory for your friends and allies to inhabit.  The large world open world is host to numerous terrains, conditions, indigenous populations, settlers and local wildlife.  Most things on Nexus will try to kill you, so be prepared for a fight from the day you set foot on its soil.


Choosing a faction and then race is a concept that any seasoned MMO player can grasp with ease.  If you’re new to the genre, this may be a new concept.  So the first thing you will need to do is decide whether you want to join up with the Dominion or the Exiles.  The Dominion are the controlling force in the galaxy.  They use might, military tactics and overwhelming firepower to conquer and bend the wills of the people to their way.  The Exiles are the ragtag rebels.  The Dominion took their worlds, and now these displaced vagabonds are banding together to find a new place to call home.  There is no right or wrong when deciding whom to side with; there’s only perspective…and whether the other side can beat you in a fight.

Each of the factions offers four unique races for you to choose from.

Dominion Races


The Eldan, who created the Dominion, tasked the Cassian with creating a star-spanning empire.  The Cassian are human in appearance and are the main governing race of the Dominion.  Classes Available: Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.  That means, as a Cassian, all six classes with multiple role options will be available for you to play.


The monstrous Draken are anything but friendly.  The large, horned beasts are the premiere fighters in the Dominion and they are looking to prove that claim on the planet Nexus.  Weep and cry all you want, the Draken won’t care.  With only three classes available to the Draken, you should have a strong desire to play a combat role if you want to play this race.  Classes Available: Warrior, Spellslinger and Stalker.


The robotic creation of the Eldan, the Mechari are a ruthless force of killing machines.  They are as smart as they are ruthless.  Your best course of action would be to tread lightly.  Four out of six classes are open to the Mechari, making them a great choice for players looking to play a cunning and intelligent race.  Classes Available: Warrior, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.


The diminutive Chua are the Dominion’s dirty secret.  These small, rodent-like, sociopathic creatures are the main source of technological advancement.  They would be put on a pedestal for that, except they’d probably wire the pedestal to blow.  Four out of six classes are open to the Chua, but you’ll find them used primarily in ranged combat or support roles.  Classes Available: Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer and Medic.

Exiles Races


Humans are the standard, all-purpose backbone of the Exiles.  No one race rules over the Exiles, but the Humans stand out from the others with the versatility they offer.  All six classes are available to the Humans, so feel free to experiment with the different roles they can take on.  Classes Available: Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.


Large, rock-skinned behemoths, the Granok are the heavy hitters of the Exiles.  With a mad hate-on for the Dominion, the Granok will stop at nothing to bash some enemy skulls; nothing except quenching their thirst with a cold beer…or warm beer.  They really aren’t picky.  Three of six classes are open to choose from, but they aren’t limited to what role they can play in a group dynamic.  Classes Available: Warrior, Engineer and Medic.


Who has long ears, longer tails and loves nature?  The Aurin, that’s who.  They are arguably the “cutest” of the eight races available, but don’t let that fool you; an angry Aurin is quite capable of removing your head and using it as a planter for that new leafy thing they found by the river.  Three of six classes are open to the Aurin, who will be played best by those enjoying fast paced, ranged combat or stealthy attacks.  Classes Available: Spellslinger, Esper and Stalker.


The diseased Mordesh are an undead, zombie-like race utilizing technology, alchemy and science to keep themselves alive.  The added bonus from their extensive studies is that they can also use those same studies to obliterate their Dominion enemies.  The Mordesh have five of the six classes open to them making them a very versatile bunch.  Classes Available: Warrior, Spellslinger, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.

Now that you’ve dipped your foot into the Wildstar pool, how excited are you about this game?  Sound off in the comments!


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