Living Story Log: Guild Wars 2 Season One Wrap-Up

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All’s quiet on the western front…

For now, Tyria is enveloped in an eerie calm, as the world heals the wounds inflicted by the recently defeated Scarlet Briar. Now is the time to bury the dead, and begin the mammoth repairs to the zones utterly decimated by the recent campaign. Of course now is also the time that the questions and speculations arise, and answers to most seem to be in short supply.

Let’s look at what facts we know so far, in order to better prepare for what is to come.

Just The Facts, Man…

guild wars 2

We now know beyond a shadow of doubt that Scarlet’s main goal all along was to awaken an elder dragon. This is not just any dragon, but one we have in the past heard precious little facts about, but a lot of conjecture. It has been revealed that the “jungle dragon”- Mordremoth, is the big baddie we are going to face next. Given the evidence the player gleaned over the months from Scarlet’s records, we are left to surmise that Mordremoth has some innate connection with the entire sylvari race, and their pale tree matriarch. This revelation appears to jibe with the long held speculation that the sylvari race itself may be offspring of this dragon, albeit tempered by the light of the centaur- Ventari’s teachings. In short, the sylvari are corrupted by GOODNESS, and we are left to think that perhaps the nightmare court are more their truer nature.

What this potentially means for the race itself is a crisis of identity. In her work, Scarlet managed to pull aside the veil that protects all sylvari from their connection to this elder dragon. I imagine that if more sylvari were to follow suit, and come to terms with their link, it might be as traumatic as Luke Skywalker being told his father is the man who just cut off his hand. Once the truth spreads, I fear we may see more sylvari villains, or at the very least, a more organized nightmare court faction of the race.

Go West Young Man

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In the epic cut-scene that revealed the awakening Mordremoth, the player was given vignettes of areas where the disturbed magical ley lines were rippling through. Of these areas, we saw and deduced that the energies radiating outward were heading to the west… Past the sylvari homelands, and the asura country, into as of yet unexplored regions of the Maguuma waste. What this means to the player-base at large is what I am calling from now. We are most likely going to get new areas to explore west of the current map. This is an area that those of us who played Guild Wars 1 will remember from the original campaign, and has not been revisited as of yet.

The general consensus from Guild Wars 2 players currently is that we desire new zones to adventure in. I am of the mind that once the living story- season two picks up, or shortly thereafter, we may all find ourselves exploring whole new areas. ArenaNet is definitely aware of the need to expand, and it makes sense to me that they would use the next living story arc as the vehicle to broaden our world. Needless to say, this opens up immense possibilities which I personally cannot wait to see.

And What Of The Arch?

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So what becomes of Lion’s Arch?

The long time bastion of free trade and community is still there of course. Among the rubble and smoldering infrastructure, there rests that glimmer of hope that the city can be rebuilt. The head of the Captain’s Council, Captain Magnus, remains in the wrecked city with his lionguard. His presence is a reminder to all that giving up is not an option. It may take a while, but I am confident Lion’s Arch will be rebuilt… again. As the dead are honored, and the smoke clears, one can already see workers toiling away to make the place habitable once more.

It is my hope the city will shine as a beacon for freedom once more.

Enjoy the calm before the storm fellow Tyrians, for the dragon awakes.

Drew Bolton

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