A Galaxy Far Away: The Galactic Dating Network aka How I Met My SWTOR Companion


Well hello there! If you’re reading this you’ve been out of the game for a while. The dating game that is. Well, don’t worry, the Galactic Dating Network is here to help you find romance with that special companion! Just check out our reviews and then take a look at the latest dating profiles:

“I was a lonely bounty hunter, but then the Galactic Dating Network introduced me to someone.” – Tyruss Gweedee, Bounty Hunter

“The Jedi code forbids relationships, but my match on the Galactic Dating Network was just too good to resist.“ –Brode Mascus, Jedi Knight

Did you strike out over Valentine’s Day weekend? No matter. Check out our handy guide on how to woo your favorite SWTOR companion after the jump.



Looking For: A good time, bad boys, and explosions ;D

Likes: Anything that can injure or kill someone. So Weapons.




About Me: I like a girl who can make me purr. Especially one who is loyal. Oh and nothing is hotter than a girl in uniform, haha

Looking For: Honesty and a girl in uniform. I like that. A lot.

Likes: Anything from the Military, like a girl in uniform, and Weapons aren’t too bad.




Looking For: A man with a soft side in some hard armor , tehehe

Likes: Anything from the Underworld, or some good ‘ol Tech to play with.




About Me: I kind of like being the hero you know? I’ll rescue you if you need me to, haha. Just let me know. I recently got out of a relationship and am looking to start over.

Looking For: A girl who knows what she wants.

Likes: Military gear, Weapons, flirting




About Me: Born a  slave, but who cares right? Pssh. Whatever. I’m tired of normal men. I’m ready for something new.

Looking For: Responsible man who knows how to treat people. A man who doesn’t slice heads. HONESTY. Why is that so hard?

Likes: Any Cultural pieces. I’m a complex girl and need a man who understands me.




About Me: Bringing quality healthcare to the table! Feeling Ill? Get shot? I’m your man? I love the good things in life, and you look mighty good. ;D

Looking For: Sexy force users who know how to flirt, being your hero

Likes: Anything fancy and fits in the Luxury category.




About Me: I may have switched sides, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less brutal. ;) Let’s just say, I like to be in control.

Looking For: A man who will sacrifice everything if needed and knows how to behave.

Likes: Fancy / Luxury stuff, and a guy who know exactly what to say and when to say it.




About Me: Hard to pronounce and even harder to resist, I’m the man you are looking for. Got a problem with that? Say it to my blaster. I ain’t scared of nothing.

Looking For: Action, women who do what they say, puzzles and stuff

Likes: Tattoos, Guns, Any Weapons that go boom.



About Me: I’ve been through more than you’re average jedi. It’s made me who I am today.  I HATE the Empire. They’re nothing but a bunch of babbling buffoons. hahaha

Looking For: a SENSE OF HUMOR, anyone who hates the Empire

Likes: The latest Technology and some good Luxurious items.



About Me: I love the Empire! Like, it’s probably the best thing you could ever do, ya know? Just, it helps people more than it hurts, it’s fantastic. I’ve seen every episode of All Hail the Emperor and it’s the best show on the net!

Looking For: Any girl who loves serving our EMPEROR as much as I do!

Likes: Imperial Stuff, Military gear and Weapons for my collection.




About Me: You know what upsets me? When a man can’t spell correctly. I like a man with money though. You know what? I’ll still take him if he can’t spell.

Looking For: Man with money and a secret or two

Likes: Fancy Tech and Luxury gifts.




About Me: Some people say I’m competitive. Ok, yes, just a little. I love a good challenge. Can you handle that? Are you willing to say the words? Ni kar’tayli gar darasuum.

Looking For: A woman who can relate to me,

Likes: Any Weapons or Military gear you have we could share



ashara - CopyAshara

About Me: I love a good book! I get so wrapped up sometimes. The holocrons are my fave! Know of any , I’d love to hear about it.

Looking For: a good guy who can read, lol

Likes: Flirting and Republic stuff




About Me: I’m just looking for the right person. I’m not much of a leader, just a guy to hang out with. Looking for new hobbies and such.

Looking For: Anything really

Likes: Republic goods from the good old days, maybe some stuff from a local Culture or something.



pierceLt Pierce

About Me: AHAHAAHA these dating networks are sooo dumb! Well, annyways hit me up if you want.

Looking For: Girl who does what I want, breaks the rules, lmao

Likes: Mil spec Gear and Weapons! Duh!



akaavi - CopyAkaavi

About Me: No sugar coating anything. I hate that. I like a good challenge as much as the next person. Mercy is for the weak, like the Republic. Play to win, everytime.

Looking For: Chance to make some money with anyone interested

Likes: Trophies and Military Gear are my thing.



iressoLt Iresso

About Me: Risks are part of life. Can you take a risk on me? Thinking about headed to Hoth if you’re interested, hit me up.

Looking For: Loyal Republic girl, good leader, honorable person

Likes: Republic goods and a Trophy or two.




About Me: I just want to see the universe! Take me with you! Please!

Looking For: Kind, loving, and fun!

Likes: Cultural Artifacts! So much to see!


Kyle Burns

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