Hey, look at that big monster over there, walking around looking all leet, acting like it’s better than everyone else.
Let’s kill it.
Brave adventurers have been slaying elite monsters of all kinds in games online and off for decades. Long before the days of Azeroth or Norrath, the first heroes struck down their fire-breathing foes using instruments of death like a pen, some paper and their imagination. Technology has made our weapons more elaborate, but the idea has remained the same. See monster. Kill monster. Get loot. Find a bigger monster.
EliteMonster.com is a site dedicated to those men and women who carry on this tradition today, the ones always searching for their next big kill.

Hey, I want you to write about my game.

Okay, great. One question though. Does your game have a virtual world where you can run around with other real people like in World of Warcraft or Wildstar? It does? That’s great, send me your stuff using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

My game doesn’t have any of that MMO sorcery. My game is an Equestrian simulator for the Nokia N-Gage. I like pretty horses.

That’s cool. I still think you’re awesome. But unfortunately, I can’t write about your game. Maybe you should try this publication?

You told me there would be a contact form down here. Are you a liar?

I was raised better than that.